Assorted Cupcakes
Spooky Halloween Cupcakes  Classic Vanilla Cupcakes

The Ultimate Comfort Dessert: Cupcakes! 

    The same fresh ingredients and delicious flavors as our cakes. Even though they have exploded as a trend in recent years, cupcakes have been around as early as 1796! Ours will be an instant classic: moist, delectable cake with the perfect frosting.
* For ultimate freshness, cupcakes are available for pick up only. 

Choose your own combination:

1/2 Dozen...  $7.50
1 Dozen..  $15.00 

*Please note special decorating requests and customization may incur additional charges. 

Cake Flavors: chocolate, white, yellow, marble, etc.
Frosting Flavors: chocolate, vanilla, butter cream, 
strawberry, lemon, butter pecan, etc.
Toppings: nuts, chocolate shavings, candy, coconut, seasonal  
decorations, etc. 
Specialty: German Chocolate, Red Velvet, Carrot, Spice, etc.

For decorating requests or if you don't see the flavors you are 
looking for, call (248) 852.4559 or (248) 703.8665 (cell) or E-mail me at